The following is a list of projects I have worked on or am currently working on:

PureConfig (2016 – )

A boilerplate-free Scala library for loading configuration files. It leverages shapeless’ generic representation of (sealed families of) case classes to allow loading configuration files into supported types with minimal to no boilerplate. I started contributing to the project in 2016 and am now one of the authors.

MoultingYAML (2015 – )

A Scala wrapper for SnakeYAML, providing a simple immutable model of the YAML language, built on top of SnakeYAML models, as well as type-class based (de)serialization of custom objects. I created the project because at the time there was no Scala library for dealing with YAML. Since SnakeYAML is already a great parser, a wrapper for it made more sense than implementing a new parser from scratch.

The ShiftForward Private DMP (2014 – )

An on-site, single-tenant, first-party DMP. It’s built to support customization and integration with various services through its API-centric design. It has been one of the projects I’ve been involved with at ShiftForward since 2014.

Mucuchies (2014 – )

An engine for dashboards that only requires a browser to run. It combines Dashing’s style with Ember.js’ object model. It has been used to run a dashboard in ShiftForward’s office for a while. We haven’t updated it in ages, but might be able to give support to it if the need arises.

AdForecaster (2012 – )

A forecasting engine for online advertising campaigns. It aims to accurately predict future ad impressions traffic levels and campaign inventory availability using an unlimited number of targeting variables. It has been one of the projects I’ve been involved in since joining ShiftForward in 2012.

beets-rymgenre (2014)

A plugin for beets to fetch genre information from It’s written in Python, using lxml and requests. doesn’t allow access via scraping or scripts which accesses the site in an automated fashion, so you should refrain from using this until they complete their API. I’ll probably revive the project once that goes live.

YapR (2010 – 2011)

A YAP module to provide an interface to R in the Prolog engine. I’m not sure if it still works, so use at your own risk.